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Save Ingen patches as working standard LV2 plugin bundles.
This allows you to create an Ingen patch in Ingen running as a Jack client, save it, then load that patch as an LV2 plugin in any LV2 compliant host. Eliminate (hopefully) all static data in the engine (for multiple instantiations in a single process). More API/ABI stable interface for Ingen::Shared::World. git-svn-id: a436a847-0d15-0410-975c-d299462d15a1
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--- a/src/engine/JackDriver.hpp
+++ b/src/engine/JackDriver.hpp
@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ public:
void add_port(DriverPort* port);
DriverPort* driver_port(const Raul::Path& path);
- Raul::List<DriverPort*>::Node* remove_port(const Raul::Path& path);
+ Raul::Deletable* remove_port(const Raul::Path& path, DriverPort** port=NULL);
PatchImpl* root_patch() { return _root_patch; }
void set_root_patch(PatchImpl* patch) { _root_patch = patch; }