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Partial support for message/value ports and the message context.
This use case now works: - Add an event input and the "print" plugin from imum.lv2 to ingen - Connect the event input to the input of "print" - Hook Ingen up to JACK and play some MIDI events (or get events to the print plugin from anywhere else) - The "print" plugin will print the received events to the console in the message context (i.e. the audio thread is realtime safe) git-svn-id: a436a847-0d15-0410-975c-d299462d15a1
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diff --git a/src/ingen/main.cpp b/src/ingen/main.cpp
index 4cdeb552..a7762a72 100644
--- a/src/ingen/main.cpp
+++ b/src/ingen/main.cpp
@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ main(int argc, char** argv)
world->rdf_world->add_prefix("ingenuity", "");
world->rdf_world->add_prefix("lv2", "");
world->rdf_world->add_prefix("lv2ev", "");
- world->rdf_world->add_prefix("lv2midi", "");
+ world->rdf_world->add_prefix("lv2midi", "");
world->rdf_world->add_prefix("owl", "");
world->rdf_world->add_prefix("rdfs", "");
world->rdf_world->add_prefix("sp", "");