AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2009-05-28Rename RequestObjectEvent GetEvent.David Robillard6-15/+15
2009-05-28Document GET.David Robillard1-2/+8
2009-05-28Fix LADSPA names in plugin selection dialog.David Robillard6-18/+36
2009-05-28Remove vestigial request_variable interface.David Robillard10-47/+18
2009-05-28Speed/clean up plugin menu generation a bit.David Robillard1-24/+24
2009-05-28Generic plugin property mechanism.David Robillard11-128/+103
2009-05-28Load symbol from LV2 data if available.David Robillard3-4/+8
2009-05-28Replace new_plugin with put.David Robillard21-112/+120
2009-05-28Merge request_object and request_plugin.David Robillard15-200/+38
2009-05-28Remove unused OSC callbacks.David Robillard2-7/+0
2009-05-28Implement PUT over OSC.David Robillard4-8/+41
2009-05-28Create objects via SetMetadataEvent.David Robillard7-98/+85
2009-05-28Fix property saving to/from file (e.g. module locations).David Robillard2-3/+4
2009-05-28Send port ranges and new subpatches as single PUTs.David Robillard2-9/+7
2009-05-28Send both coordinates of a module move as a single PUT.David Robillard2-4/+10
2009-05-28Send plugin node creation as a single PUT instead of a bunch of separate set_...David Robillard1-8/+4
2009-05-28Remove single property SetMetadataEvent constructor.David Robillard4-62/+26
2009-05-28Make SetMetadataEvent do multiple properties at once.David Robillard9-125/+211
2009-05-28Fix URIs.David Robillard6-24/+17
2009-05-28Fix QNAMEs being serialised as URIs.David Robillard18-105/+58
2009-05-27Remove 'property' vs 'variable' dichotomy in favour of 'meta objects' (to mat...David Robillard63-510/+312
2009-05-27Documentation.David Robillard4-7/+26
2009-05-27Documentation.David Robillard3-6/+33
2009-05-27Add methods documentation page.David Robillard14-223/+392
2009-05-27Rename 'destroy' 'delete' ('del' in code) (WebDAV DELETE).David Robillard43-145/+156
2009-05-27Remove 'new_patch', 'new_node', and 'new_port' from interface in favour of ge...David Robillard58-765/+521
2009-05-14Fix crash on wacky plugins of some unknown variety... ticket #367.David Robillard1-0/+2
2009-05-13Support re-attaching to Jack.David Robillard3-5/+0
2009-05-13Fix Jack port names.David Robillard2-2/+2
2009-05-13Clean up Jack shutdown semantics.David Robillard2-2/+4
2009-05-13Fix crash on patch load.David Robillard5-10/+6
2009-05-13Remove old/unused DSSI program API.David Robillard20-186/+0
2009-05-13Update copyright dates.David Robillard295-295/+295
2009-05-13Strip trailing whitespace.David Robillard299-2691/+2691
2009-05-13Use new query system to get LADSPA plugin names from the engine.David Robillard11-47/+80
2009-05-13Generic simple query system for both objects and plugins.David Robillard25-106/+160
2009-05-13Remove special request_port_value, just use request_variable with predicate i...David Robillard16-185/+40
2009-05-13Fix headless (OSC) engine operation.David Robillard1-1/+0
2009-05-13Remove unused junk on ClientInterface.David Robillard2-13/+0
2009-05-13Remove 'using' declarations from headers.David Robillard100-348/+431
2009-05-13The great ID refactoring of 2009.David Robillard136-1666/+1324
2009-05-12Remove deprecated new_node interface in favour of URI hackery.David Robillard12-130/+14
2009-05-12Bring EngineInterface and ClientInterface closer together.David Robillard29-112/+125
2009-05-12Fix tabs.David Robillard1-1/+1
2009-05-12Fix lv2.h include problem.David Robillard4-7/+9
2009-05-12Fix internal node names.David Robillard7-38/+74
2009-05-12Detach/Reattach from/to Jack from UI (ticket #180).David Robillard23-590/+681
2009-05-11Fix OSC/graphviz compilation stuff.David Robillard1-3/+3
2009-05-11Remove unused flag.David Robillard2-4/+0
2009-05-11O(nlogn) plugin menu generation (previously O(n^2)) where n = number of plugi...David Robillard2-32/+42