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-#! /usr/bin/env python
-# encoding: utf-8
-# Thomas Nagy, 2015
-Force files to depend on the timestamps of those located in the build directory. You may
-want to use this to force partial rebuilds, see playground/track_output_files/ for a working example.
-Note that there is a variety of ways to implement this, one may want use timestamps on source files too for example,
-or one may want to hash the files in the source directory only under certain conditions (md5_tstamp tool)
-or to hash the file in the build directory with its timestamp
-import os
-from waflib import Node, Utils
-def get_bld_sig(self):
- if not self.is_bld() or self.ctx.bldnode is self.ctx.srcnode:
- return Utils.h_file(self.abspath())
- try:
- # add the creation time to the signature
- return self.sig + str(os.stat(self.abspath()).st_mtime)
- except AttributeError:
- return None
-Node.Node.get_bld_sig = get_bld_sig