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Update autowaf and adapt to new APIHEADmaster
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diff --git a/waflib/Tools/ccroot.py b/waflib/Tools/ccroot.py
index cfef8bf..579d5b2 100644
--- a/waflib/Tools/ccroot.py
+++ b/waflib/Tools/ccroot.py
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ def apply_incpaths(self):
tg = bld(features='includes', includes='.')
The folders only need to be relative to the current directory, the equivalent build directory is
- added automatically (for headers created in the build directory). This enable using a build directory
+ added automatically (for headers created in the build directory). This enables using a build directory
or not (``top == out``).
This method will add a list of nodes read by :py:func:`waflib.Tools.ccroot.to_incnodes` in ``tg.env.INCPATHS``,
@@ -238,6 +238,17 @@ def rm_tgt(cls):
setattr(cls, 'run', wrap)
+def apply_skip_stlib_link_deps(self):
+ """
+ This enables an optimization in the :py:func:wafilb.Tools.ccroot.processes_use: method that skips dependency and
+ link flag optimizations for targets that generate static libraries (via the :py:class:Tools.ccroot.stlink_task task).
+ The actual behavior is implemented in :py:func:wafilb.Tools.ccroot.processes_use: method so this feature only tells waf
+ to enable the new behavior.
+ """
+ self.env.SKIP_STLIB_LINK_DEPS = True
@feature('c', 'cxx', 'd', 'fc', 'asm')
def apply_link(self):
@@ -386,7 +397,11 @@ def process_use(self):
y = self.bld.get_tgen_by_name(x)
var = y.tmp_use_var
if var and link_task:
- if var == 'LIB' or y.tmp_use_stlib or x in names:
+ if self.env.SKIP_STLIB_LINK_DEPS and isinstance(link_task, stlink_task):
+ # If the skip_stlib_link_deps feature is enabled then we should
+ # avoid adding lib deps to the stlink_task instance.
+ pass
+ elif var == 'LIB' or y.tmp_use_stlib or x in names:
self.env.append_value(var, [y.target[y.target.rfind(os.sep) + 1:]])
tmp_path = y.link_task.outputs[0].parent.path_from(self.get_cwd())