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.B serdi \- Read and write RDF syntax
+serdi [\fIOPTION\fR]... \fIINPUT\fR \fIBASE_URI\fR
+.BR \-a
Write ASCII output if possible.
+.BR \-b
Fast bulk output for large serialisations.
-\fB\-c PREFIX\fR
-Chop PREFIX from matching blank node IDs.
+.BR \-c " " \fIPREFIX\fR
+Chop \fIPREFIX\fR from matching blank node IDs.
+.BR \-e
Eat input one character at a time, rather than a page at a time which is the
default. This is useful when reading from a pipe since output will be
generated immediately as input arrives, rather than waiting until an entire
@@ -29,45 +29,45 @@ page of input has arrived. With this option serdi uses one page less memory,
but will likely be significantly slower.
+.BR \-f
Keep full URIs in input (don't qualify).
+.BR \-h
Print the command line options.
-\fB\-i SYNTAX\fR
-Read input as SYNTAX.
-Valid values (case-insensitive): turtle, ntriples, trig, nquads.
+.BR \-i " " \fISYNTAX\fR
+Read input as \fISYNTAX\fR.
+Valid values (case-insensitive): \*(lqturtle\*(rq, \*(lqntriples\*(rq, \*(lqtrig\*(rq, \*(lqnquads\*(rq.
+.BR \-l
Lax (non-strict) parsing.
-\fB\-o SYNTAX\fR
-Write output as SYNTAX.
-Valid values (case-insensitive): turtle, ntriples, trig, nquads.
+.BR \-o " " \fISYNTAX\fR
+Write output as \fISYNTAX\fR.
+Valid values (case-insensitive): \*(lqturtle\*(rq, \*(lqntriples\*(rq, \*(lqtrig\*(rq, \*(lqnquads\*(rq
-\fB\-p PREFIX\fR
-Add PREFIX to blank node IDs.
+.BR \-p " " \fIPREFIX\fR
+Add \fIPREFIX\fR to blank node IDs.
+.BR \-q
Suppress all output except data.
-\fB\-r ROOT_URI\fR
-Keep relative URIs within ROOT_URI.
+.BR \-r " " \fIROOT_URI\fR
+Keep relative URIs within \fIROOT_URI\fR.
-\fB\-s INPUT\fR
-Parse INPUT as a string (terminates options).
+.BR \-s " " \fIINPUT\fR
+Parse \fIINPUT\fR as a string (terminates options).
+.BR \-v
Display version information and exit.