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Add plugin state saving
This only works with a server-side save, so the GUI now uses that if the server is not running remotely, where "remotely" is defined as "via TCP". This isn't perfect, since running ingen via TCP locally is a perfectly valid thing to do, but it will do for now.
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diff --git a/src/URIs.cpp b/src/URIs.cpp
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--- a/src/URIs.cpp
+++ b/src/URIs.cpp
@@ -186,6 +186,7 @@ URIs::URIs(Forge& f, URIMap* map, LilvWorld* lworld)
, rdfs_seeAlso (forge, map, lworld, NS_RDFS "seeAlso")
, rsz_minimumSize (forge, map, lworld, LV2_RESIZE_PORT__minimumSize)
, state_loadDefaultState(forge, map, lworld, LV2_STATE__loadDefaultState)
+ , state_state (forge, map, lworld, LV2_STATE__state)
, time_Position (forge, map, lworld, LV2_TIME__Position)
, time_bar (forge, map, lworld, LV2_TIME__bar)
, time_barBeat (forge, map, lworld, LV2_TIME__barBeat)