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e7a29b6b Upgrade to waf 2.0.15 8280f9de Add command for running executables from the build directory 8073c1ad Make make_simple_dox() safe in case of exception 70d03b82 Avoid use of global counter hacks for configuration display b7d689a4 Rewrite test framework 94deadf0 Automatically add options and move add_flags() to options context f4259ee4 Reduce system include path noise 927b6082 Automatically display configuration header c44b8f3b Set line justification from a constant in the wscript a48e26fd Automatically detect if wscript has a test hook ef66724d Save runtime variables in the environment 63bcbcd3 Clean up TestContext b1d95050 Add ExecutionContext for setting runtime environment 387c1dfa Add show_diff() and test_file_equals() utilities 29d4d293 Fix in-tree library paths 9fde01f4 Add custom configuration context 6d3612fd Add lib_path_name constant git-subtree-dir: waflib git-subtree-split: e7a29b6b9b2f842314244c23c14d8f8f560904e1
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