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-Dave Robillard <>
+Dave Robillard <> <>
Send money.
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Ingen is a realtime modular synthesizer and/or effects processor for
-Jack/Alsa/LADSPA/DSSI/LV2/etc (ie GNU/Linux audio systems).
+Jack/LV2/LADSPA/etc. (i.e. GNU/Linux audio systems).
-More information may be found at
+More information can be found at
-To build, first check "./configure --help" for options, you can build this
-code in many different ways (standalone engine with seperate clients, build
-engine server only, build clients only, build monolithic clients, etc. etc).
-Then do the typical "./configure; make; make install" routine.
-*** Optimization ***
-Ingen's configure script, by default, does not clobber your CFLAGS or CXXFLAGS
-environment variables (which is the proper behaviour), though it does add a
-few flags that should be turned on in any case (as described in this file).
-If you want to submit usable bug reports (for segfaults and the like),
-build with --enable-debug. This will also enable assertions, which also
-makes bug hunting easier (see below).
-SIMD (SSE/Altivec):
-If you have GCC4, it is hightly recommended that you enable your SIMD
-instruction set, especially if you have a Pentium 4
-(ie "-march=pentium4 -mfpmath=sse"). The performance gain is good for any chip
-with a SIMD instruction set (Altivec, SSE, and friends), but in the case of a P4
-the denormal avoidance is crucial for audio software. Note that -march=athlon64
-implies -msse, -msse2, -mfpmath=sse, etc.
-*** Debugging ***
-Ingen makes very heavy use of assertions to catch bugs. Assertions have a
-(minor) performance hit unless the preprocessor symbol NDEBUG is defined.
-By default the configure script will add this to the end of your flags,
-but it's worth noting. Assertions have a minor overhead everywhere, but
-will likely make bug reports much more useful. Debug symbols add quite a
-bit of bloat to all the code, and is not useful unless you plan on debugging
-the code yourself. A good compromise between performance and bug
-reporting ability (eg for using the code from SVN) is
---enable-assertions without --enable-debug-symbols.
-*** Bugs ***
-If Ingen crashes, PLEASE REPORT THE BUG. People too often assume "someone"
-"must" know about the bug and it will magically get fixed without telling
-anyone about it. It probably doesn't happen for me, and if I don't know about
-it, I'm probably not going to fix it :)
-Have Fun.
+See the INSTALL file for building instructions.
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Thanks goes to (in alphabetical order):
-Krzysztof Foltman (kfoltman), for much needed modularey plugins, and testing.
-Lachlan Davis (LFactor), for driving development forward through being a nuisance. :)
-(And somehow tolerating the dodgiest early stages of development and actually
-building some neat patches, being 100% of the existing userbase for a time...)
-Lars Luthman (larsl), lots of DSSI improvements and useful plugins.
-Leonard Ritter (paniq), Old Python bindings
-Mario Lang (delYsid), SuperCollider bindings
-Paul Davis and friends, for Jack.
-Steve Harris (swh), for liblo and good networking ideas, helpful suggestions
-in general.
-Thorsten Wilms (thorwil), for much UI input, mockups and glade widgets.
-Everyone in #lad who puts up with my idiocy on a daily basis.
-Everyone who's ever written a Free plugin.
+Lachlan Davis (LFactor)
+Paul Davis (las)
+Krzysztof Foltman (kfoltman)
+Steve Harris (swh)
+Mario Lang (delYsid)
+Lars Luthman (larsl)
+Leonard Ritter (paniq)
+Thorsten Wilms (thorwil)
+Everyone who has ever written a Free plugin.
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