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diff --git a/src/Configuration.cpp b/src/Configuration.cpp
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+++ b/src/Configuration.cpp
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ Configuration::Configuration(Forge& forge)
add("atomicBundles", "atomic-bundles", 'a', "Execute bundles atomically", GLOBAL, forge.Bool, forge.make(false));
add("clientPort", "client-port", 'C', "Client port", GLOBAL, forge.Int, Atom());
add("connect", "connect", 'c', "Connect to engine URI", SESSION, forge.String, forge.alloc("unix:///tmp/ingen.sock"));
- add("engine", "engine", 'e', "Run (JACK) engine", GLOBAL, forge.Bool, forge.make(false));
+ add("engine", "engine", 'e', "Run (JACK) engine", SESSION, forge.Bool, forge.make(false));
add("enginePort", "engine-port", 'E', "Engine listen port", GLOBAL, forge.Int, forge.make(16180));
add("socket", "socket", 'S', "Engine socket path", GLOBAL, forge.String, forge.alloc("/tmp/ingen.sock"));
add("gui", "gui", 'g', "Launch the GTK graphical interface", SESSION, forge.Bool, forge.make(false));
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ Configuration::Configuration(Forge& forge)
add("path", "path", 'L', "Target path for loaded graph", SESSION, forge.String, Atom());
add("queueSize", "queue-size", 'q', "Event queue size", GLOBAL, forge.Int, forge.make(4096));
add("flushLog", "flush-log", 'f', "Flush logs after every entry", GLOBAL, forge.Bool, forge.make(false));
- add("dump", "dump", 'd', "Dump communication", GLOBAL, forge.Bool, forge.make(false));
+ add("dump", "dump", 'd', "Print debug output", GLOBAL, forge.Bool, forge.make(false));
add("trace", "trace", 't', "Show LV2 plugin trace messages", GLOBAL, forge.Bool, forge.make(false));
add("humanNames", "human-names", 0, "Show human names in GUI", GUI, forge.Bool, forge.make(true));
add("portLabels", "port-labels", 0, "Show port labels in GUI", GUI, forge.Bool, forge.make(true));