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+Thanks goes to, in no particular order:
+Steve Harris (swh), for liblo and good networking ideas, helpful suggestions
+in general.
+Lachlan Davis (LFactor), for driving development forward through being a nuisance. :)
+(And somehow tolerating the dodgiest early stages of development and actually
+building some neat patches, being 100% of the existing userbase for a time...)
+Thorsten Wilms (thorwil), for much UI input, mockups and glade widgets.
+Lars Luthman (larsl), lots of DSSI improvements.
+Mario Lang (delYsid), SuperCollider bindings
+Leonard Ritter (paniq), Python bindings
+Paul Davis and friends, for Jack.
+Everyone in #lad who puts up with my idiocy on a daily basis.
+Everyone who's ever written a LADSPA/DSSI plugin.