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diff --git a/src/server/Buffer.hpp b/src/server/Buffer.hpp
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+++ b/src/server/Buffer.hpp
@@ -73,11 +73,11 @@ public:
/** Set the buffer type and optional value type for this buffer.
- * @param get Called to get auxiliary buffers if necessary.
+ * @param get_func Called to get auxiliary buffers if necessary.
* @param type Type of buffer.
* @param value_type Type of values in buffer if applicable (for sequences).
- void set_type(GetFn get, LV2_URID type, LV2_URID value_type);
+ void set_type(GetFn get_func, LV2_URID type, LV2_URID value_type);
inline bool is_audio() const {
return _type == _factory.uris().atom_Sound;