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-This is autowaf, a bundle of waf and a few extensions intended to be easy to
-use directly as source code in a project. Using this as a submodule or subtree
-named `waflib` in a project allows waf to be used without including binary
-encoded data in the waf script. This gets along with revision control and
-distributions better, among other advantages, without losing
-To use this in a project, add this repository as a directory named `waflib` in
-the top level of the project, and link or copy `waf` to the top level.
-Two waf extras are also included: `autowaf.py` and `lv2.py`.
-The `autowaf.py` module is a kitchen sink of Python utilities for building
-consistent packages, and can be imported in a wcript as
-The `lv2.py` extra defines options for LV2 plugin installation paths. It can
-be used by calling `opt.load('lv2')` and `conf.load('lv2')` in the appropriate
-locations in a wscript.
- -- David Robillard <d@drobilla.net>