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-This is a port of the Blop LADSPA plugins by Mike Rawes to LV2.
+This is a port of the BLOP LADSPA plugins by Mike Rawes to LV2.
-It is a mostly faithful port of blop-0.2.8 but eliminates plugin variants in
-favour of morphable Control/CV ports. This means there is only one plugin from
-the user point of view (a considerable improvement for the user experience),
-but the host can configure controls to be control or audio rate as appropriate. \ No newline at end of file
+This is a mostly faithful port of blop-0.2.8, except plugin variants have been
+eliminated via the use of morphable Control/CV ports. This way, users do not
+have to choose from several versions of the same plugin, but the host can
+configure controls to be control-rate or audio-rate as appropriate. This
+mechanism is backwards compatible, so these ports will simply appear as normal
+LV2 control ports in hosts that do not support port morphing.
+ -- David Robillard <d@drobilla.net>