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+Om is a realtime modular synthesizer for Jack/Alsa/LADSPA/DSSI (ie GNU/Linux
+audio systems). More information may be found at
+To build, do the typical "./configure; make; make install" routine - check
+"./configure --help" for options.
+You can build just the engine (and avoid all the gtk/libxml/etc dependancies)
+by doing the same in the src/engine directory.
+*** Optimisation ***
+Om's configure script, by default, does not clobber your CFLAGS or CXXFLAGS
+environment variables (which is the proper behaviour), though it does add
+a few flags that should be turned on in any case.
+SIMD (SSE/Altivec):
+If you have GCC4, it is HIGHLY recommended that you enable your SIMD
+instruction set (ie "-march=pentium4 -mfpmath=sse" in the case of a P4
+with SSE) through your CXXFLAGS environment variable. The performance
+improvement (and denormal avoidance if you have a P4) is significant.
+Om makes very heavy use of assertions to catch bugs. Assertions have a
+performance hit unless the preprocessor symbol NDEBUG is defined. By default
+the configure script will add this to the end of your flags, but it's worth
+noting. You really don't want assertions turned on in a production build.
+However, if you encounter a bug (especially a segfault) it would be a good
+idea to rebuild with --enable-debug, chances are you'll hit an assertion and
+the console output will be a sufficient bug report so I can fix the problem.
+*** Bugs ***
+If Om crashes, REPORT THE BUG. Things can't get fixed if I don't know about
+them, and if you report it, it will get fixed - probably immediately.
+Please, report the bug. There's a nice form on the Savannah page to do so,
+no mailing required.