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Remove deprecated Doxygen configuration values
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@@ -230,12 +230,6 @@ TAB_SIZE = 4
-# This tag can be used to specify a number of word-keyword mappings (TCL only).
-# A mapping has the form "name=value". For example adding "class=itcl::class"
-# will allow you to use the command class in the itcl::class meaning.
# Set the OPTIMIZE_OUTPUT_FOR_C tag to YES if your project consists of C sources
# only. Doxygen will then generate output that is more tailored for C. For
# instance, some of the names that are used will be different. The list of all
@@ -1637,7 +1631,7 @@ COMPACT_LATEX = YES
# The default value is: a4.
# This tag requires that the tag GENERATE_LATEX is set to YES.
-PAPER_TYPE = a4wide
# The EXTRA_PACKAGES tag can be used to specify one or more LaTeX package names
# that should be included in the LaTeX output. The package can be specified just
@@ -2094,12 +2088,6 @@ EXTERNAL_GROUPS = YES
-# The PERL_PATH should be the absolute path and name of the perl script
-# interpreter (i.e. the result of 'which perl').
-# The default file (with absolute path) is: /usr/bin/perl.
-PERL_PATH = /usr/bin/perl
# Configuration options related to the dot tool
@@ -2113,15 +2101,6 @@ PERL_PATH = /usr/bin/perl
-# You can define message sequence charts within doxygen comments using the \msc
-# command. Doxygen will then run the mscgen tool (see:
-# to produce the chart and insert it in the
-# documentation. The MSCGEN_PATH tag allows you to specify the directory where
-# the mscgen tool resides. If left empty the tool is assumed to be found in the
-# default search path.
# You can include diagrams made with dia in doxygen documentation. Doxygen will
# then run dia to produce the diagram and insert it in the documentation. The
# DIA_PATH tag allows you to specify the directory where the dia binary resides.