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Centralise atom creation in forge object.
Aside from being more greppable and making realtime violations more obvious, this is a step towards using LV2 atoms internally (which needs a factory since the type numbers are dynamic). git-svn-id: a436a847-0d15-0410-975c-d299462d15a1
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diff --git a/src/shared/Configuration.cpp b/src/shared/Configuration.cpp
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--- a/src/shared/Configuration.cpp
+++ b/src/shared/Configuration.cpp
@@ -15,8 +15,6 @@
* 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
-#include "raul/Atom.hpp"
#include "ingen/shared/Configuration.hpp"
using namespace Raul;
@@ -24,8 +22,9 @@ using namespace Raul;
namespace Ingen {
namespace Shared {
- : Raul::Configuration("A realtime modular audio processor.",
+Configuration::Configuration(Raul::Forge* forge)
+ : Raul::Configuration(forge,
+ "A realtime modular audio processor.",
"Ingen is a flexible modular system that be used in various ways.\n"
"The engine can run as a stand-alone server controlled via a network protocol\n"
"(e.g. OSC), or internal to another process (e.g. the GUI). The GUI, or other\n"
@@ -38,21 +37,21 @@ Configuration::Configuration()
" ingen -eg patch.ttl # Run an engine and a GUI and load a patch file\n"
" ingen -eg patch.ingen # Run an engine and a GUI and load a patch bundle")
- add("client-port", 'C', "Client OSC port", Atom::INT, Atom())
- .add("connect", 'c', "Connect to engine URI", Atom::STRING, "osc.udp://localhost:16180")
- .add("engine", 'e', "Run (JACK) engine", Atom::BOOL, false)
- .add("engine-port", 'E', "Engine listen port", Atom::INT, 16180)
- .add("gui", 'g', "Launch the GTK graphical interface", Atom::BOOL, false)
- .add("help", 'h', "Print this help message", Atom::BOOL, false)
- .add("jack-client", 'n', "JACK client name", Atom::STRING, "ingen")
- .add("jack-server", 's', "JACK server name", Atom::STRING, "")
- .add("uuid", 'u', "JACK session UUID", Atom::STRING, "")
- .add("load", 'l', "Load patch", Atom::STRING, Atom())
- .add("packet-size", 'k', "Maximum UDP packet size", Atom::INT, 4096)
- .add("parallelism", 'p', "Number of concurrent process threads", Atom::INT, 1)
- .add("path", 'L', "Target path for loaded patch", Atom::STRING, Atom())
- .add("queue-size", 'q', "Event queue size", Atom::INT, 4096)
- .add("run", 'r', "Run script", Atom::STRING, Atom());
+ add("client-port", 'C', "Client OSC port", Atom::INT, forge->make());
+ add("connect", 'c', "Connect to engine URI", Atom::STRING, forge->make("osc.udp://localhost:16180"));
+ add("engine", 'e', "Run (JACK) engine", Atom::BOOL, forge->make(false));
+ add("engine-port", 'E', "Engine listen port", Atom::INT, forge->make(16180));
+ add("gui", 'g', "Launch the GTK graphical interface", Atom::BOOL, forge->make(false));
+ add("help", 'h', "Print this help message", Atom::BOOL, forge->make(false));
+ add("jack-client", 'n', "JACK client name", Atom::STRING, forge->make("ingen"));
+ add("jack-server", 's', "JACK server name", Atom::STRING, forge->make(""));
+ add("uuid", 'u', "JACK session UUID", Atom::STRING, forge->make(""));
+ add("load", 'l', "Load patch", Atom::STRING, forge->make());
+ add("packet-size", 'k', "Maximum UDP packet size", Atom::INT, forge->make(4096));
+ add("parallelism", 'p', "Number of concurrent process threads", Atom::INT, forge->make(1));
+ add("path", 'L', "Target path for loaded patch", Atom::STRING, forge->make());
+ add("queue-size", 'q', "Event queue size", Atom::INT, forge->make(4096));
+ add("run", 'r', "Run script", Atom::STRING, forge->make());
} // namespace Shared