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2018-04-03WIP: parallel stuffparallel-workDavid Robillard8-73/+63
2018-03-29WIP: more variant taskDavid Robillard4-126/+83
2018-03-24WIP: Variant taskDavid Robillard8-82/+163
2018-03-15Simplify TaskDavid Robillard1-28/+4
2018-03-15fixup! SimplifyDavid Robillard2-157/+122
2018-03-15Clean up compile exception handlerDavid Robillard1-3/+2
2018-03-15Add more convenient Task creation APIDavid Robillard1-0/+22
2018-03-15Use unordered_set for graph continuationDavid Robillard1-2/+2
2018-03-15Use BlockSet type aliasDavid Robillard1-9/+7
2018-03-14Remove RunContext dependency from CompiledGraphDavid Robillard3-9/+2
2018-03-14Simplify depth-first search algorithmDavid Robillard2-56/+7
2018-03-08Fix cut/copy/paste of arcsDavid Robillard1-2/+4
2018-01-22Speed up animation and update GUI at 30HzDavid Robillard3-7/+6
2018-01-22Only enqueue messages when the engine is remoteDavid Robillard5-37/+53
2018-01-21Clean up URI and path handling in SerialiserDavid Robillard1-25/+22
2018-01-21Work around Jack returning NULL buffersDavid Robillard2-3/+15
2018-01-21Clean up Buffer class and factor out allocationDavid Robillard2-35/+36
2018-01-21Read port index if requested regardless of contextDavid Robillard1-1/+1
2018-01-21Clean up URI and path handling in parserDavid Robillard2-69/+61
2018-01-21Fix newlines in parser error messagesDavid Robillard1-6/+6
2018-01-21Remove glib dependency from engine and core libraryDavid Robillard5-21/+44
2018-01-21Move Glib::thread_init to GUIDavid Robillard2-1/+1
2018-01-21Replace glib quarksDavid Robillard1-7/+21
2018-01-21Replace Glib::ModuleDavid Robillard3-25/+81
2018-01-21Add FilePath class and remove use of glib path utilitiesDavid Robillard15-183/+436
2018-01-21Use C++ style includes for standard language headersDavid Robillard25-40/+34
2018-01-21Add URI class and remove use of Raul::URIDavid Robillard99-436/+502
2018-01-21Replace insert(make_pair(...)) with emplaceDavid Robillard28-108/+87
2018-01-21Don't build libraries twice when testing is enabledDavid Robillard2-31/+4
2018-01-17Fix connecting value sequences to CVDavid Robillard2-1/+1
2018-01-17Clean up Engine component memory management and trim include treeDavid Robillard16-120/+105
2018-01-16Add missing includesDavid Robillard8-0/+8
2018-01-16Move SocketListener details out of headerDavid Robillard2-24/+26
2018-01-16Clean up includesDavid Robillard2-2/+4
2018-01-16Fix build with C++11David Robillard3-3/+3
2017-12-25Use auto for iteratorsDavid Robillard24-55/+53
2017-12-25Remove unused storeDavid Robillard1-1/+1
2017-12-25Use std::move to potentially avoid copyingDavid Robillard12-22/+22
2017-12-25Remove superfluous using namespace declarationsDavid Robillard56-155/+61
2017-12-25Always use bracesDavid Robillard44-185/+354
2017-12-25Use nullptrDavid Robillard78-358/+358
2017-12-25Fix inconsistent parameter namesDavid Robillard28-97/+96
2017-12-25Remove trivial destructors and use default where possibleDavid Robillard20-56/+1
2017-12-24Clean up includes in public headersDavid Robillard28-4/+34
2017-12-18Fix recursive type issues with some toolchainsDavid Robillard4-29/+30
2017-12-18Fix override specifiersDavid Robillard2-4/+6
2017-12-17Simplify TeeDavid Robillard1-9/+8
2017-12-16Make events take the corresponding message directlyDavid Robillard21-307/+319
2017-12-16Move sequence numbers into messages and simplify interfacesDavid Robillard6-85/+65
2017-12-16Adjust indices when ports are deletedDavid Robillard9-17/+110