This is a port of the MDA VST plugins to LV2.

MDA plugins are originally by Paul Kellett and were released under the GPL
v2 or later, or the MIT license.  Thanks, Paul!

This port is by David Robillard, and is 100% Free Software (including the only
dependency lv2.h) released under the GPL v2 or later.  See COPYING for details.

This port is based on revision 10 of the MDA SVN repository at
<https://mda-vst.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mda-vst>.  It is similar to, but
not 100% compatible with, the original plugins, since some VSTisms have been
changed to be more appropriate for LV2 (e.g. toggle ports).


To port these plugins to LV2, I wrote the missing code blindly in order
to make things compile and work as an LV2 plugins.  The interface (but not
implementation) of this code is intrinsically similar to the original API
used by MDA (namely VST), but solely due to the fact that the original MDA
code was written against this API.

These plugins make no claim of compatibility, or any other relation, to VST.
This code does not require the VST SDK, or any other non-free software.
This code has never come into contact with any part of the VST SDK.
I (David Robillard) have never come into contact with any part of the VST SDK.
Clear? :)

I have named this wrapper/interface "LVZ" (for LV0, condescension intended).
It may be useful for porting other GPL VST plugins to LV2.